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Rosita Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil – liquid 150 ml (3p)


Rosita Real Foods™ EVCLO is specially prepared to withstand temperatures through shipment for periods of more than a full month. The bottles are flushed with nitrogen to avoid oxidation, and do not need cold packs or ice during shipping. Once you receive your oil, it is important to allow the bottle to cool down to fridge temperature (4°C = 39°F) before opening.

Long term storage for UNOPENED bottles:
Fridge (4°C/39°F) = 1 year
Freezer (-19°C/2.2°F) = 3 years




Always keep in dark storage.

Expiration date

Once opened, keep in fridge (4°C/39°F) and use within 3 months.


Unopened bottles can be stored in a freezer to improve shelf life.


May become thick & cloudy when refrigerated or frozen: gently shake before use.

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