About us

Providing you with wild-caught, unprocessed, raw sustainable fish liver oils fresh from the crystal clear waters of Norway.


Our ethos

Rosita products are sustainably sourced from wild fish stocks in the pristine waters of Norway. Our flagship product, Rosita Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO) is a “living oil” derived from wild and abundant Norwegian codfish.

“Our ethos is to work with nature to supply the highest quality health-giving oils available.”


Our Mission

EVCLO is extracted from cod livers using traditional methods which do not require any heat or mechanical devices, so the delicate fatty acids found in this nutrient-dense fish oil are retained. We focus on delivering pure and undisturbed whole foods giving you the maximum health benefits provided by nature.


All of our products are independently tested for purity and nutrient levels. These are natural variations in the level of nutrients and we maintain full transparency across all testing of our products.

It’s fresh

It is bottled within 48 hours of the fish being caught in remote (read: clean) waters of Norway.

It’s wild

Rosita does their own fishing. From wild-caught Norwegian cod.

It’s raw

No heat, chemicals or mechanical processing is used to obtain the oil.

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